"Ideas are meaningless. Execution has meaning" is the mantra Bernard Kafui Sokpe lives by. And this is evident in his many successful projects that have earned him the moniker “Meister” which is a german title for someone who is skillful and prominent in his work.

With over 8 years of experience spanning between Telecommunications, E- commerce and Technology, Meister is an astute marketing professional with a strong background in brand, digital and marketing communication. He has been instrumental in innovative campaigns for many global brands like Tigo Ghana, Vodafone, Tonaton.com, Unilever, Coca-Cola and Jameson Whisky. Meister’s work is not limited to corporate clients but also individuals. His instrumental role in the phenomenal rebrand of SMSGH to Hubtel, and the rise of Mr Eazi from underground artist to afrobeat superstar is testimony to the value he offers to varied clientele.

Currently completing an MSc in Brand Leadership at the Norwich Business School in University of East Anglia ( United Kingdom), Meister also holds a bachelors degree in Communication design from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Also an entrepreneur at heart, Meister is the Chief Executive Officer and lead consultant at Brandmeister , a brand strategy consultancy making strides on the African continent.

He is an art, technology and entertainment fanatic with a keen thirst for innovation. Meister’s influence not only thrives offline, but online he is connected to a global network of professionals and over 40,000 teeming followers across all social platforms.

Connect with Bernard Kafui Sokpe ( Meister ) on all social media platforms at @mistameister

Summary Of Projects

  • Digital strategy for Tigo Ghana (2011)
  • Digital strategy for Vodafone Ghana (2012 – 2015)
  • Digital strategy for Unilever Idea Trophy (2014)
  • Production for Vodafone Icons Street Edition (2014)
  • Go-To- Market strategy for Vodafone X ( 2015)
  • Go-To- Market strategy for Tonaton Mobile App ( 2016)
  • Rebrand of SMSGH to Hubtel (2017)
  • Go-To- Market strategy for Bloom Bar ( 2017)
  • Detty Rave 1 ( 2018 )
  • Jameson Green Card ( 2018 )
  • Betpawa Market Entry for Ghana, Kenya ( 2018 )
  • Detty Rave 2 ( 2019 )

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